Nearly three quarters of marketers expect rise in content marketing over next 12 months

Nearly three quarters of marketers are preparing to increase their investment in content marketing over the coming year, as a means of engaging with consumers and raising brand awareness.

This is one conclusion from a PRCA/YouGov survey of 195 leading PR and marketing industry experts carried out in July and August 2014 and revealed at the PRCA 2014 National Conference.

The PRCA/YouGov survey shows that spending on content marketing is set to increase next year, with 72% of in-house teams and 89% of PR agencies planning to ramp up this activity in 2015.

Changes in consumer behaviour are shaping the PR industry in a multitude of ways and this poses challenges as well as opportunities for PR practitioners to raise their game and to reclaim ownership of the content marketing discipline.

For example, 32% of respondents working for PR agencies currently tend to outsource video production, photography, infographics, digital and brand design to specialists in these content marketing disciplines.

Despite the importance of content marketing, few in-house respondents have a single, dedicated budget line. There is also evidence that content marketing has become a mainstream, integrated activity in much the same way as PR has flourished within these same organisations over the last decade.

Tanya Hughes CMPRCA, President, SERMO Communications, Talk PR, said: “Social media, blogs, opinion pieces and articles on websites coupled with case studies, e-newsletters, white papers, infographics, webinars, webcasts and microsites are just a few of the engagement activities that fall under the over-arching description of content marketing. The big issue is how effective are some of these tactics in achieving desired outcomes linked to our sales, marketing and brand-building objectives.”


Key findings:

In-house respondents

  • Most (91% of such respondents) view content marketing as a means of engaging with customers and prospects
  • Most companies (56% of such respondents) actively use content marketing
  • There is a general increase in the use of content marketing recorded by 72% of such respondents over the last 12 months and the same percentage expect an increase in content marketing over the next 12 months
  • Most companies (64% of such respondents) state that content marketing has not become a separate budget stream and it has been integrated within the central marketing communications mix
  • Those responsible for content creation (40% of such respondents) and budgets (54% of such respondents) tend to be those responsible for overall marketing expenditure
  • Most companies (88% of such respondents) do not employ a separate person with responsibility for content marketing alone
  • Most popular types of content marketing are videos (59% of such respondents), news (56% of such respondents), and events (39% of such respondents)
  • Video production (45%) and photography (43%) are the two most frequently outsourced types of content marketing to agencies

PR agency respondents

  • Agencies reported that content marketing was responsible for contributing between 1-10% of total revenues (29% of such respondents) and between 11-20% (20% of such respondents) over the previous 12 months
  • Most agency respondents expect to see an increase in total revenues from content marketing over the next 12-months between 11-20% (18% of such respondents) and between 21%-30% (18% of such respondents).
  • Most agencies (85% of such respondents) said that the use of content marketing for clients has increased over the last 12 months
  • Most popular type of content marketing provided to clients are case studies (54% of such respondents)
  • Most frequently outsourced type of content marketing is video production (50% of such respondents).

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