PRCA and PRWeek announce 22 mentor and mentee pairings under the Fast Track Mentoring Scheme

The PRCA and PRWeek have announced the latest tranche of mentees to be paired up with mentors for the Fast Track Mentoring Scheme.

PRCA and PRWeek launched the Fast Track Mentoring Scheme in 2015, aimed at inspiring the next generation of industry leaders to follow in the footsteps of some of the leading professionals in the PR and communications industry.

22 mentors will guide their mentees and help them develop a deeper understanding of the business of PR and communications.

The mentees range from Senior Account Directors/Associate Directors in agencies to in-house professionals who have the ability to build and manage an in-house team.

Each mentoring engagement will last for a period of six months, beginning from now.

Every mentee will gain points in the PRCA CPD scheme for taking part in the Fast Track scheme.

Each mentoring programme starts with a meeting between the mentor and mentee, and will then be followed by monthly meetings or calls. It is expected that each mentor/mentee pair will meet or talk six times over the six months. The programme is completely free of charge to PRCA members.

While not every applicant to the Fast Track scheme was able to get a mentor this time around, the PRCA will shortly be announcing a further tranche, in which these and other applicants will be able to benefit from the programme.

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said: “We are really pleased to be announcing the latest tranche of mentor and mentee pairings, with some of the leading names in PR and communications matched up to some of the most promising practitioners around today. I wish them all productive, insightful and interesting relationships.”

The pairings are:

Mentor: Adrian Wheeler FPRCA

Mentee: Warren Heath MPRCA, Senior Consultant, Calacus

Mentor: Alastair Gornall FPRCA

Mentee: Katie de Pelet MPRCA, Director, Chalk and Ward

Mentor: Alex Malouf MPRCA

Mentee: Baseem Ayache MPRCA, Associate Manager, Golin

Mentor: Alex Singleton FPRCA

Mentee: Leigh Greenwood MPRCA, Corporate PR Manager, Slimming World

Mentor: Sandra Buckle MPRCA

Mentee: Ben Gascoyne MPRCA, Account Director, Quatro PR

Mentor: Alison Clarke FPRCA

Mentee: Alana Taylor MPRCA, Client Manager, MCE PR Ltd

Mentor: Amanda Meyrick MPRCA

Mentee: James McCollum MPRCA, Senior Account Director, Grayling

Mentor: Angela Heylin FPRCA

Mentee: Adam Russell MPRCA, Social and Video Producer, BrandContent

Mentor: Angie Moxham FPRCA

Mentee: Sharon Flaherty MPRCA, Managing Director, BrandContent

Mentor: Basil Towers FPRCA

Mentee: Annette Richman MPRCA, Managing Director, Kor Communications

Mentor: Colin Byrne FPRCA

Mentee: Cathy Hayward MPRCA, Managing Director, Magenta Associates

Mentor: Dick Fedorcio FPRCA

Mentee: Katie Bodinger MPRCA, Content and PR Account Manager, BrandContent

Mentor: Eben Black FPRCA

Mentee: Chris Calland CMPRCA, Associate Director, Hanover Communications

Mentor: Howell James FPRCA

Mentee: Tom Hawkins MPRCA, PR Manager, WSPGroup

Mentor: Iain Anderson FPRCA

Mentee: Melissa Barnett MPRCA, Account Director, PB Consulting

Mentor: Jackie Elliot FPRCA

Mentee: Jenna Goldberg MPRCA, Director, London Communications Agency

Mentor: Jonathan Jordan FPRCA

Mentee: Chris Rogers CMPRCA, Associate Director – PR, Whitehouse Consultancy

Mentor: Steve Dunne MPRCA

Mentee: Nic Daley MPRCA, Associate Director, Garnett Keeler PR

Mentor: Michael Murphy FPRCA

Mentee: Frank Marr CMPRCA, Director, A Marr + Associates

Mentor: Richard Houghton FPRCA

Mentee: Juliet Wheater MPRCA, Co-founder, Scarlett PR

Mentor: Sally Costerton FPRCA

Mentee: Amy Kelly MPRCA, Marketing Manager, MSL Group

Mentor: Yiannis Vafeas MPRCA

Mentee: Amy Brill MPRCA, Account Director, Grayling


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