Review of the PRCA Foundation Certificate

By Kiran Devgun, Communications Officer, IAM

1. Was your experience on the PRCA Foundation Certificate a positive one? Why?

My experience on the course was certainly a positive one – I enjoyed the experience and felt like I learnt a lot about what the PR industry entails. I think the people I met on the course came from a range of industries, so we all had something individual to bring to the course.

2. Do you believe it will be useful to your future career as a PR professional?

Absolutely – from writing press releases, learning how to conduct myself in presentations to understanding how the world of digital crisis communications works – these have all been pivotal to my learning and will certainly help me throughout my career in PR.

3. Which part do you believe will prove most valuable?

I think the day courses on how to write press releases effectively and presentation skills were two of the most useful sessions – I was surprised to learn so much in the span of a day and I have already found my press release writing skills have improved as a result.

4. Were there any parts that you don’t believe will prove useful, or any parts that you don’t feel were appropriate for you?

While I enjoyed all of the course, I did find the session about climbing the ladder to PR very individualistic – not something that I could necessarily apply to myself since I am based in-house and the speaker was agency based. It might be worth having someone speak about in-house experience as it was difficult to ask questions to the speaker who couldn’t answer them fully without the in-house experience.

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