2021 PR and Communications Council election results announced

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The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) is delighted to announce the 2021 PR and Communications Council elected members and the appointment of Julia Herd CMPRCA as its Chair.

The PR and Communications Council provides a formal mechanism for the industry's most senior practitioners to consult on the key issues impacting PR and communications. The Council – which acts as a think-tank for the industry - informs the PRCA's strategic priorities and delivers best-practice guidance for professionals.

The 22 new elected members will be joined by the Chairs of all 55 PRCA Groups who automatically sit on the Council.

The newly elected PR and Communications Council members are:

- Penny Anderson CMPRCA
- Graham Bardgett CMPRCA
- Tas Bhanji CMPRCA
- Liam Buckley CMPRCA
- Stuart Bruce CMPRCA
- Nathaniel Cassidy CMPRCA
- Richard Fogg CMPRCA
- Andy Green CMPRCA
- Sam Burne James CMPRCA
- Ralph Jackson CMPRCA
- Roxy Kalha CMPRCA
- Andrew Laxton CMPRCA
- Emily Luscombe CMPRCA
- Sarah Maloney CMPRCA
- Edmund McMahon Turner CMPRCA
- Jared Meade CMPRCA
- Robert Minton-Taylor CMPRCA
- Carmel O’Toole CMPRCA
- Kristin Philbin CMPRCA
- Noita Sadler CMPRCA
- Ayeni Adékúnlé Samuel CMPRCA
- Gloria Walker CMPRCA

Julia Herd CMPRCA, Managing Director, Five in a Boat Ltd, said:

“Big congratulations and welcome to our 22 new and very talented elected Council members. I’m delighted to be chosen as Chair and to continue to both positively impact and advance the Council’s agenda in what is set to be a pivotal year for our industry and wider society.

“The PRCA Council, led by Simon Francis, has kicked off some really important work around social impact and I would personally like to thank Simon for his work during what has been a very challenging period. I’m excited about what the newly elected Council members will bring to the table as we collectively continue to put purpose and our members at the heart of everything we do. Here’s to 2021!”

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