Grace MacDougall wins Reginald Watts Prize for Insight

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The PRCA is pleased to announce that Grace MacDougall, Account Executive, Crest Communications, has won the third annual Reginald Watts Prize for Insight.

The prize saw PR and communications practitioners aged 25 and under enter essays of up to 1,000 words, responding to the following brief: “In an age of a revolution in digital communications how would you define ‘Public Relations’?”

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said: “I would like to congratulate Grace MacDougall for winning the Reginald Watts Prize this year. He essay was thought provoking and creative and her win is well deserved. I would also like to congratulate everyone else who was shortlisted for the awards - the quality of entries was extremely high, and they should be proud of themselves. Finally, I would like to thank the judges for their time and expertise.”

Along with a trophy, MacDougall has been awarded a £500 prize.

The winner was decided by a judging panel of Andy Green MPRCA, Founder, StoryStartsHere; Jonathan Chandler CMPRCA, CEO, Quiller Consultants and PR and Communications Council Chairman; Julia Craggs MPRCA, Senior Account Executive, 80:20 Communications and Reginald Watts Prize 2017 winner; and Kirsty Leighton MPRCA, Founder, Milk & Honey PR. Entries were judged on their demonstration of intelligence, and the forward-looking viewpoints that are displayed.

Following the passing of former PRCA Chairman, CIPR President, and UK CEO of Burson Marsteller Reginald Watts FPRCA in 2016, the annual prize commemorates his thought leadership, writing, and forethought. The annual competition sees young participants challenged to write thought-provoking essays on the PR and communications industry. A different question is set each year.

The PRCA will be posting all of the finalists’ essays on The PRCA Blog, one per day, following the award-giving.


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