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The PRCA Public Affairs Board has welcomed the findings of the Boardman review, led by Nigel Boardman. 

The report made a series of recommendations for tightening lobbying rules within the government. 
PRCA Public Affairs Board Chair, Liam Herbert FPRCA commented:

"Mr. Boardman's report echoes what we’ve been saying for months -that the Lobbying Act is not fit for purpose.  As our own six-point plan clearly states, accountability and trust need to be put to the top of the agenda. And this starts with all lobbyists being registered and accountable, publicly declaring who they are working for, and at the same time Ministers publishing in an accurate and timely manner their diaries and meetings.”

“We welcome this report and note that  Lobbying is vital to our democracy but it must be ethical and transparent. We trust the Government will now reflect seriously on Mr. Boardman’s recommendations.

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