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London, 16 November - The PRCA and Meltwater Group last night announced that the PRCA has appealed the issue of temporary copies to the Supreme Court in their fight against the Newspaper Licensing Agency’s proposed Web End User Licence.

Speaking to a packed room at the glittering PRCA Awards ceremony, Francis Ingham, PRCA chief executive said: “Going to the Supreme Court is an enormous step. We could have walked away long ago having done our bit, having been with Meltwater, the only organisation to challenge the NLA. But those of you who know us know that was never an option. This is an absurd ruling and we must change the law or risk damaging the competitiveness of UK plc.” The announcement met with rapturous applause from the 840 PR industry professionals present.

The decision of the Supreme Court to allow the appeal reflects the extent of the potential ramifications to the effective functioning of the Internet of the Court of Appeal’s ruling on the scope of what is known as the "temporary copies" exception to copyright protection. As it stands the scheme has resulted in an interpretation of UK copyright law by the Court of Appeal which effectively puts millions of UK citizens into conflict with the law every time they visit a website that hosts copyrighted materials. This is because the inevitable transient copies of webpages made in the process of browsing are not exempt from copyright by the temporary copies exception.

Since 2009 Meltwater and the PRCA have challenged the legality of elements of the NLA’s licensing scheme in the Courts, and have also challenged the fairness and reasonableness of the commercial terms in the UK Copyright Tribunal. The decision of the Copyright Tribunal is expected in the New Year. The Supreme Court is likely to hear the case in late 2012.

Both the PRCA and Meltwater are committed to working with publishers and respect their copyright.  The organisations believe, however, that the proposed NLA scheme is unfair and unreasonable and that the issue of temporary copies has far wider ramifications than the Court of Appeal appreciated.



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Further information on the history of the case is available here.

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