PRCA Charity and Not-For-Profit Group comments on suspension of "anti-lobbying" clause

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Responding to the Cabinet Office's announcement that it would be suspending its introduction of the "anti-lobbying" clause in Charity grant agreements, Simon Francis, Co-Chair of the PRCA Charity & Not-For-Profit Group and Founder Member of Campaign Collective said:

"We welcome the government's decision to suspend the introduction of this clause and to listen to the concerns of organisations delivering services to the public sector about the impact it would have had.

"However, this is just a temporary stay of execution and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss our concerns with the Cabinet Office."

The Cabinet Office have been invited to send a representative to the PRCA Charity & Not-For-Profit Group's workshop on threats facing charities on 18 May.

For more information and to sign up to the event visit:



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