PRCA launches Measurement Champions to recognise excellence in evaluation

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The PRCA has launched a new kitemark of measurement and evaluation excellence: Measurement Champions.

Measurement Champions is a new campaign aimed at recognising excellence in PR and communications evaluation methods.

The campaign will feature an online register of consultancies and in-house teams that the PRCA consider to be leaders in measurement. The organisations will also be able to use the ‘PRCA Approved Measurement Champion’ kitemark on their website and any other promotional literature.

In order to be deemed a PRCA Measurement Champion, consultancies and in-house teams must not use AVEs in any of their measurement activities. They must also subscribe to the guidance outlined by AMEC in the Integrated Evaluation Framework that was launched last June.

The Framework “operationalises” and shows how to implement Barcelona Principles 2.0 and links organisational objectives to communications objectives, to outputs, outtakes, outcomes and organisational impact. The Framework allows an integrated approach to measurement across all of the P.E.S.O. channels utilised by today’s professional communicators.

In order to be included on the PRCA Measurement Champions register, PR and communications consultancies and in-house teams may contact to confirm that they fulfil the criteria.

Measurement Champions launches with four ‘Launch Champions’: Government Communication Service, Golin, Lewis UK and Smoking Gun PR. To check out the list of Measurement Champions, click here.

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said: “We are utterly committed to providing a positive, supportive, and inclusive way of promoting great measurement -and doing so step-by-step with our long-term partners AMEC.

“We also know that naming and praising those who meet the highest standards is the right approach. And that the alternative one of naming and shaming those who are still on that journey towards excellence is the wrong one.  The PRCA Measurement Champions campaign celebrates those of us who think beyond AVEs, and who are committed to the principles of the Barcelona Principles and AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework.”

Barry Leggetter, CEO of AMEC, said AMEC welcomed the PRCA initiative.

He said: “AMEC is delighted that its Integrated Evaluation Framework has rapidly become the global industry standard for best practice measurement and evaluation. We are thrilled at the full support that the PRCA initiative is providing.”

Richard Bagnall, Chair of AMEC added: “AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework is acknowledged as best practice by trade associations, PR agencies, in-house practitioners, educators and academics all across the world.  The positive approach to measurement taken by the PRCA fits perfectly with AMEC’s current ‘Say No to AVEs’ campaign.  It sends out a powerful message that credible and meaningful evaluation matters and that spurious metrics have no place in our profession.”


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