PRCA launches ‘PR Agency of the Future’ video resource at PRCA National Conference 2014

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The PRCA is launching a new resource as part of its ‘PR Agency of the Future’ workstream – videos revealing the secrets of innovation from consultancies that have put change at the heart of their businesses.

Launched at the PRCA National Conference 2014 by Danny Whatmough, the PRCA’s Digital Chairman, the videos cover PR agencies which have broken the mould in the way that they are structured – showcasing what the innovation is; how it works; what the reasoning was behind it; and how successful it has been.

“For the last few years there has been a strong debate in the industry regarding what the future PR agency might look like. We decided to shine a light on innovative steps that are already being taken and begin to profile agencies that are seizing the initiative and future-proofing themselves. We hope these case studies will provide inspiration and spark ideas for agencies across the UK,” said Whatmough, who is also Head of Digital for Weber Shandwick’s EMEA Consumer Practice.

Sited on the PRCA’s Insight webpages, the PR Agency of the Future video library – produced in association with Markettiers4dc - provides insight from five innovative agencies, including interviews with company leaders and behind-the-scenes footage.

The videos feature the following innovative PR firms: Octopus Group, Golin, Threepipe, Nelson Bostock and Battenhall.

To watch the videos, including the overview launched at the PRCA National Conference 2014, click here.


Key Quotes

“Having an in-between position doesn’t really work and so we changed all the roles we had – 1,000 around the world and 150 in the UK – from generalist roles to around 20 specialist roles… The agency of the future should be able to operate deftly in shared and paid media.”

Matt Neale MPRCA, President, Golin


“From the employee perspective, being able to complete the full circle has been a learning curve for everyone on the team. We can look through the whole process, see the results and talk to the client about the full picture.”

Laura Coleman MPRCA, Associate Director, Threepipe, commenting on the benefits of merging with digital specialists Blowfish


“PR agencies need to realise that they cannot do everything on their own – they need to show that to clients and they need to be open to new ways of working.”

Lee Nugent MPRCA, CEO, Nelson Bostock


“Clients are sometimes slower to adapt than agencies and we’ve got to take them on the journey with us, hold their hand, and reassure them that they’re not going to lose the service that they’ve already bought into a love. We’ve also learnt that our young employees are often the most adaptable.”

Chris Buckley MPRCA, TMW Head of Digital Engagement on what he has learnt from the process


“We set aside 20% of our time just for innovation and our staff use that in whichever way we feel fit.”

Drew Benvie, Founder, Battenhall


“We are doing work that we wouldn’t normally have classified as PR a few years ago; the agency of the future depends on people’s perception of PR and what they’re willing to buy. I think it will move into a wider digital marketing profession rather than just one that’s associated with pure media relations.”

Jim Hawker MPRCA, Co-founder, Threepipe


“Change is not for everyone and some people like to do media relations work and be PR specialists – and so it’s important that they’re recognised for what they are, because it’s a core skill. And secondly take clients on the journey with you.”

Sandy Purewal MPRCA, CEO, Octopus Group on what he has learnt from the process of restructuring


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