PRCA members must sever all ties with the Kremlin

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The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) has warned its members they face expulsion for working with Russian organisations on the sanctions list. It has also urged members to consider the reputational consequences of working for companies which whilst not sanctioned, nonetheless have links with the Russian Government.

The Russian Government’s actions in Ukraine are an appalling attack on humanity and the PRCA stands firmly beside Ukraine and the defence of its sovereignty.

The PRCA has supported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in recent days by co-ordinating volunteer communications support. More than 100 PRCA members from around the world have offered practical assistance.

PRCA Director-General Francis Ingham commented:

“We can be under no illusion; Russia is now a pariah state. Our members cannot – under any circumstances – support organisations that are on the sanctions list. They should also reflect on the consequences for their own reputations of working with other organisations and individuals linked to the Russian Government. PRCA members around the world uphold standards and principles which are incompatible with the current activities of the Kremlin.
"All industries have a moral obligation to cut ties with the Russian Government. But the weight of that responsibility falls heavily on PR and communications. The Russian Government has waged an information war on Ukraine and our industry has a duty to fight the disinformation emanating from the Kremlin.  

"Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and many of our Russian colleagues who wholeheartedly oppose the reprehensible actions of their government.”

The news follows yesterday’s announcement that the Russian PR Association, AKOS, has been suspended indefinitely from ICCO.

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