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The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) has announced that elections for the 2021 PR and Communications Council are now open.

The PR and Communications Council provides a formal mechanism for the industry's most senior practitioners to consult on the key issues impacting PR and communications. The Council – which acts as a think-tank for the industry - informs the PRCA's strategic priorities and delivers best-practice guidance for professionals.

Elections are open to all PRCA Members, including those who have sat on the council previously. Members are eligible to nominate themselves, as well as other practitioners.

Elections will close October 30th, 2020.
Simon Francis, Chair of the 2020 PRCA Council and Founder Member of Campaign Collective, commented:
"The PRCA Council discusses and takes constructive action on the biggest issues facing the profession. Despite 2020 being dominated by Covid-19, the Council has not only come together to help support the sector through the pandemic, but also launched initiatives to further improve the ethics and social impact of the profession. We have also backed the PRCA's work on improving diversity, value and reputation of PR and communications. 
"The Council is an opportunity for PR and comms pros at all stages of their career and across all sectors to come together and set the agenda on the issues that we have in common. I'd urge anyone to consider standing for election."
Following the election, a new Chair and Vice Chair will also be chosen. Please inform Michael Collins if you’re interested in nominating yourself for Chair/Vice-Chair, and submit a manifesto detailing your plans for the Council (no more than 200 words).
To nominate yourself for the 2021 PR and Communications Council please email

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