PRCA on BBC Radio 4’s Art of Public Relations: “shockingly inaccurate"

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BBC Radio 4 broadcasted The Art of Public Relations on The Media Show last week, billed as ‘Top PR practitioners reveal the secrets of their trade’, which received criticism from the PR and communications industry.
Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said:
“BBC Radio 4’s show, The Art of Public Relations, was shockingly inaccurate in its representation of the PR and communications industry as we know it today. The fact that the BBC failed to contact the PRCA, the CIPR, or any other valid representative bodies for their insights is bad enough, but to continuously misrepresent PR as publicity is incredibly embarrassing for the broadcaster.
“PR and communications is a £13.8bn UK industry, with 86,000 people working in it, and growing every year. It is a creative industry and a success story in that it continuously draws in new skills to stay credible and relevant. This is why the show was a huge disappointment."
The PRCA is writing to the BBC to point all of this out, including a copy of the PR and Communications Census, the PRCA Professional Charter and Codes of Conduct, a list of industry contacts who are representative of the PR and communications industry, and a standing invitation to send any BBC staff to PRCA events to see the reality of the industry.

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