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PRCA- ICCO Ukraine Communication Support Network

The Ukraine Communication Support Network (UCSN) has appointed 16 country leads to a new Subcommittee established to drive international support for the people of Ukraine.

The International Subcommittee will work with the UCSN Steering Committee to share information and support projects in aid of Ukraine and its people affected by the war.

The new Subcommittee will; support efforts to expose misinformation as it relates to Russia’s invasion, assist with humanitarian projects across borders, and intensify efforts to ‘defund the war’ by educating the business community on the realities of the invasion and the need for a collective response to Russia’s aggression.

The UCSN – Co-Chaired by Nataliya Popovych and David Gallagher - was established by the PRCA and ICCO in March 2022 to coordinate volunteer communications activity in support of Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.

UCSN Co-Chair, Nataliya Popovych commented:

“Ukraine is fighting a fight against an aggressive russian bully not only for the right of Ukrainians to exist and live freely as a sovereign democratic nation. It now fights for every person in the world who wants to live freely and peacefully in a rules-based world. Ukraine fights for a world where no nation can redraw internationally recognized borders based on its sense of mistaken superiority or a delusion that it can impose its will over free people.

"To win against a nuclear armed aggressor like russia and serve all the responsible for this horrible war justice within the international law, Ukraine needs a global coalition of the free world and the role of the public relations professionals is very important here.

"We call on the best communications experts in their respective markets to support Ukraine, counter russian disinformation and manipulation of history, work to cripple russia’s economy to wage this war against Ukraine or any other sovereign state. We look forward to working together for the lasting peace in Europe and the world!

Support the Ukraine Communications Support Network
The UCSN is looking for additional country leads to join its International Subcommittee. If you’re interested in representing a country not currently listed below, please contact the PRCA for further information. Countries currently represented on the Subcommittee include:

- Bulgaria: Maxim Behar, M3 Communications Group, Inc.
- Brazil
- Denmark: Kresten Schultz Jorgensen, Oxymoron
- Denmark: Sofie Antorini, KreaKom 
- Germany: Hanning Kempe, Fleishman Hillard Germany
- Finland: Christina  Forsgaard, Netprofile
- India: Nitin Mantri, AvianWE
- Philippines: Ferdinand Bondoy, COMCO Southeast Asia
- Poland: Katarzyna Rudzik,  ZFPR
- Portugal: Sofia Gaio, APECOM
- Singapore: Tom Evrard, FTI Consulting
- Slovakia: Michaela Benedigova, Seesame
- South Africa: Bridget Von Holdt, BCW South Africa
- Thailand: Karin Lohitnavy, Midas PR
- UK: David Gallagher: DG Advisory

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